Ornamental Rocks Extraction

The company offers the opportunity to visit the natural rock extraction site. The goal is to show the customer the full potential and viability of the product. The company has an health and security policy at work as well as an environmental preservation and sustainability.

Development, Manufacturing & Transportation

Kingstone is recognized by the high quality in the development and processing of limestone. The alteration of these rocks takes shape as coatings, floors, works of art, street furniture and equipment. In terms of transportation the company provides solutions worldwide.

Consultancy Services

Provision of consultancy services in the extraction and transformation of ornamental rocks. Kingstone is always attentive to all markets and business requirements, making several partnerships and always betting on transparency with their peers. Collaboration with Portuguese Limestones is an example.

Monitoring and Solution at Working Site

Kingstone does monitoring and solutions at working site with its customers and partners. It offers specialized technicians with expertise in Engineering, Architecture and Design.